NYC Car Keys – Bayside

If you find you’re in need of an automotive locksmith service in the Bayside area, look no further than NYC Car Keys. Exclusively offering automotive locksmith services, NYC Car Keys operates as a mobile locksmith business, giving us the most accessible emergency locksmith service in all of Bayside.

With over 5,000 customers served across the five boroughs, it’s easy to see how NYC Car Keys has built such a solid reputation on our reliability, honesty, and accessibility in the Bayside, Queens area.

When you contact NYC Car Keys to provide a solution to your emergency, we will first carefully evaluate your situation over the phone. If we can provide you the instructions for an easy fix right there, we will, and we’ll never receive a bill. Otherwise, we will quote you a fair price and time window for our arrival that you can count on. Quoted prices will always be honored, even if the job takes longer than anticipated because NYC Car Keys values providing the most accurate information upfront.

Customers come first with NYC Car Keys, as they understand the dire circumstances people can find themselves in upon discovering their car keys are lost or that they are unable to open their trunks. Founder Mark Moshel is committed to providing excellent customer service to anyone in need of automotive locksmith services in the Bayside area. With his professional technician’s license from Technion — Israel Institute of Technology, Moshel was also born and raised in Queens, NY, giving him an intimate familiarity with the neighborhood, allowing him to seamlessly and quickly locate you in your time of need.

When you’re in need of any automotive locksmith service in the Bayside area, don’t hesitate to give NYC Car Keys a call.


This upper middle class Queens neighborhood has been regarded as simultaneously one of the most expensive markets one of the highest population densities in the country.

Boasting numerous waterfront parks, a section of the Brooklyn-Queens Greenway and numerous landmarks including Civil War era Fort Totten, Bayside is also home to numerous restaurants, most notably down Bell Boulevard.

When you’ve finished your Friday night feast and suddenly realize you’ve misplaced your keys, don’t fret. Contact NYC Car Keys, and we’ll reach you and your car within minutes.

NYC Car Keys, which is a 24/7 FAST EMERGENCY LOCKSMITH SERVICE, offers the following services in the Bayside, Queens area:


Changing the lock, allowing a different key to operate it.

Replace Lost Car Keys

Cut a new key using a mobile-unit.

Replace Car Locks

Removing the locks located on the car in order to operate for a different set of keys.

Ignition/Transponder Keys

The chip in transponder keys emits a signal to a receiver in the ignition. If this “immobilizer” detects the wrong signal — meaning that the wrong key is in the ignition — the vehicle will not start.

Removal of Broken Car Keys

When a key has been broken off in a car lock, both the key has been destroyed and the lock rendered unusable. If the lock was locked when the key was broken, the lock cannot be opened.

High Security/Laser Cut Keys

These keys have built-in built-in transponder chips and they need to be programmed at the dealership or by a locksmith. Laser (sidewinder) style keys can be cut and programmed for all makes and models.

Car Lockout/Opening

Utilizing specific auto entry tools including lock picks and wedges, cars can be opened seamlessly and quickly.

Emergency Trunk Opening

Trunks of any make or model with broken locks or lost keys can be opened.

Key Repair

Damaged keys, or keys that have been compromised by getting stuck or locked in the lock/ignition of vehicle can be repaired.

“I tell all my buddies to use NYC Car Keys. Their response time is something to write home about! Keep it up!” Doug W., Queens, NY