NYC Car Keys – Midtown

If you’ve found yourself with an automotive locksmith issue in the Midtown area, you’ve reached the right place. NYC Car Keys has served over 5,000 customers in the five boroughs over the last five years. Committed to customer service, reliability, honesty, and hard work, NYC Car Keys is the only service you’ll need for any automotive locksmith emergency in the Midtown area.

At NYC Car Keys, we operate as a mobile locksmith business because we understand how critical response time is in these situations. Our accessibility and efficiency is what gives us a huge edge over our competitors. An added bonus? Founder Mark Moshel, an automotive locksmith expert with a technician’s license received from Technion — Israel Institute of Technology, was born and raised in New York City and knows the winding streets like the back of his hand.

If you’re in the Midtown area and find you need car keys replaced, locks changed, or a new transponder key, know that NYC Car Keys believes in providing the most accurate information to solve your automotive locksmith issue upfront. Give NYC Car Keys a call — we will evaluate your situation and if we can provide a solution over the phone, we will. Free of charge. Above all, our goal is to help good people get out of bad situations.

“I feel like Superman. I’m able to help people in their most dire situations.” –Mark Moshel

If NYC Car Keys needs to come out to meet you and your car in the Midtown area to solve your automotive locksmith problem, we will provide an accurate price and time window before coming to you. Even if the job takes longer than expected, quoted price ranges will always be honored.

NYC Car Keys understands that, no matter what automotive locksmith issue you find yourself in, life is still going on around you and important things can’t be missed. That’s why we will meet you at your Midtown location exactly when we say they’ll be there, providing you with upstanding customer service and efficiency.


Whether you’re endlessly searching for a parking garage close to the theater or navigating around the tourists of Times Square, getting anywhere seamlessly through New York City’s Midtown neighborhood is a miracle.

Home to the brightest lights, the biggest stars, and most famous landmarks the Big Apple has to offer, the streets of Midtown are filled with just as much traffic in the streets as there is on the sidewalks. Why? The dazzling lights of Broadway, the impressive architecture of Grand Central Terminal, and the Empire State Building, just to name a few. World famous as the backdrop in many movies and TV shows, Manhattan’s Midtown neighborhood hosts the famous Madison Square Garden and United Nations headquarters, making it easily-navigable by only the most expert of drivers. And, if you’re like most, realizing you’ve lost your car keys in a place like Times Square is an extremely stressful situation. A situation that calls for a NYC Car Keys expert. Give us a call and experience our efficient and honest automotive locksmith service.

NYC Car Keys, which is a 24/7 FAST EMERGENCY LOCKSMITH SERVICE, offers the following services in the Midtown area:


Changing the lock, allowing a different key to operate it.

Replace Lost Car Keys

Cut a new key using a mobile-unit.

Replace Car Locks

Removing the locks located on the car in order to operate for a different set of keys.

Ignition/Transponder Keys

The chip in transponder keys emits a signal to a receiver in the ignition. If this “immobilizer” detects the wrong signal — meaning that the wrong key is in the ignition — the vehicle will not start.

Removal of Broken Car Keys

When a key has been broken off in a car lock, both the key has been destroyed and the lock rendered unusable. If the lock was locked when the key was broken, the lock cannot be opened.

High Security/Laser Cut Keys

These keys have built-in built-in transponder chips and they need to be programmed at the dealership or by a locksmith. Laser (sidewinder) style keys can be cut and programmed for all makes and models.

Car Lockout/Opening

Utilizing specific auto entry tools including lock picks and wedges, cars can be opened seamlessly and quickly.

Emergency Trunk Opening

Trunks of any make or model with broken locks or lost keys can be opened.

Key Repair

Damaged keys, or keys that have been compromised by getting stuck or locked in the lock/ignition of vehicle can be repaired.

I had a friend in from out of town and he lost the car keys to his parents car that he was borrowing! It was an emergency situation where he needed to drive back to his folks in Maryland to leave the car and to catch his flight back to LA. NYC Car Keys came over and made him a new key, he really saved the day! It was so stressful until NYC Car Keys showed up and really put us and our worries at ease. You can really tell NYC Car Keys gets real joy from helping people.” Whirled C., New York, NY